Monday, 28 March 2016

The Kabin

This pretty looking place is one of those where you can pack your bags and drive down without needing much planning. It is one of those weekend getaways where you can just wind down, go for a swim, take a nap or do nothing. This is the perfect place to just chill and get together since it’s pretty small and cosy, no one can hide away anywhere. You see everybody and everybody sees you.

This 50ft swimming pool smack right in the middle of the container style resort does indeed make it one of the to dos when you stay here. Although it’s a shared pool, the size of the pool is pretty big thus no worries if the pool gets too crowded. For babies or kids, fret not, they have this baby sized pool shallow enough for your kids to stand up. You can see if far left in the image above.

So it was one of those weekend where we needed a get-together badly that we decided to book our stay with The Kabin. If you were to drive from KL, the journey will take no longer than 1 hour. If you drive from PJ or Shah Alam, maybe less than 30 minutes. You can click here to get to their website for more info. Agenda was to swim, barbecue and spend some quality time. For those planning to visit and planning to do the same, fret not, you just got to bring the food that you plan to roast as they will provide you with an electronic bbq grill. You will of course need to pre-book for them to reserve it for you with a little fee. If not mistaken, they cost about RM100 per use. Not too bad if you share it with 10 pax.

Budget wise, we rented Atwerp room for RM440 which accomodated 6 pax and Shanghai room for RM310 which accomodated 4 pax. In total, we paid RM750 for 10 pax, which after dividing, each of us only paid RM75 for a night’s stay which is pretty budget in my opinion. Factor in the rented bbq grill, food and karaoke, we each spent about RM110 per pax overall. The most budget getaway ever!

As typical as we can get, what’s a getaway without some alcohol? We totally ignored the signage and sneaked our beers in. (But of course we made sure we carry the empty cans with us when we check out the next day) For those thinking BBQ is a little too much work, you can always dine in their cafe or drive out to somewhere near like these places here. With that much of food choices around, definitely not a good place to go on a diet =P

Sorry but this is the only picture i took inside the cabin. It's small but definitely clean and cozy. Some of the girls screamed and fainted when they saw the size of the room. I rolled my eyes and told them this is a container, not a 5 star hotel by the beach.

Ahhh, sunset is always pretty but weather was a bit gloomy when we were there. If you could see from their website, they will tell you that the resort is located next to this beach called Pantai Remis. True enough there’s a beach….. but fact is, you wouldn’t want to step foot on the beach because you never hear ppl visiting this beach, and there’s a reason why you don’t. It’s super polluted and there’s basically more mud than sand! They should call it ‘The Mud’ than calling it ‘The Beach’.

So this da grill i mentioned earlier. We brought our bbq pit and charcoal along thinking we could use it inside the resort or by the beach but fact is, you wouldn’t want to do it by the beach nor do they allow you to use charcoal in their compound as the ashes will be flying all over.

After dinner, we basically had nothing else to do but to chill. Thank god we brought mahjong and poker cards. We also booked the karaoke room to fit all 12 of us for about 2 hours. All in all, this is really a cheap and quick getaway. Rooms were pretty cosy and air cond cold as hell. I would definitely come back for sure.

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