Thursday, 31 March 2016

Capsule Hotel klia2

So I used to end up in a lot of red eye flights as well as flights departing super early in the morning. The suckiest part of travelling is always the transit and waiting time you need to waste in between. From taking time leaving my house to getting to the airport and the time spent waiting in the airport is just ridiculously tiring.

And YES I have stayed in the Capsule by Container Hotel and I would actually recommend it for those who have to catch super early flights but don't feel like waking up at 4 am in the morning. It's pretty easy. You choose your package, pay your money and check in to your room. Done deal. 

So this is how my room looks like. Nope, it's not big but it definitely is clean and cozy. The space is enough for me to sit up straight thus you are safe from feeling claustrophobic. Upon checking in, you will get a complimentary towel, locker as well as access to the lounge area complete with free wifi. To locate them, proceed to level 1, the hotel is located just next to the bus pick up and drop off area.

Toilets are pretty decent complete with very basic shampoo and shower gel. Don't worry about crappy hair because hair dryer is also available. I got a screen cap of the 3 types of bookings...just in case you are that lazy to check their website on your own. You can choose from the below:
  • 3 hours at RM50
  • 6 hours at RM75 
  • 12 hours at RM95
You can also choose to just rent a locker and use the shower for RM10 (YES I tried this and I guess it's more comfortable if you compare it to showering in one of the random airport toilet, which in the first place, is an absolutely bad choice)

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